{ Grades 1-5 }
{ EDGE 6-8 }
The EDGE is a Catholic centered youth ministry aimed at these young adolescents. The EDGE is designed to meet their educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs. As part of the Catholic Church’s mission to evangelize and spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ, middle school youth are encouraged to go out and bring their friends to The EDGE.
Goals of The EDGE
To foster a transforming spiritual experience of Jesus through the liturgy which will allow early adolescents to experience the Word of God and The Eucharist in a deep and profound way.
To create a positive experience of the Catholic Church for early adolescents.
To assist middle school youngsters in gaining an understanding and appreciation of what the Catholic Church teaches and believes.To incorporate the Catholic Church’s vision of social justice and peace into the spiritual life of pre-adolescents.To develop an understanding in middle school youth that they
are a vital and visual presence within the parish
EDGE is scheduled on Thursday from 6:30-8P.M.
{ LIFE TEEN 9-12 }
LIFE TEEN is a comprehensive youth ministry program based on, focused on , and directed toward the Eucharist. Each week, at Mass and LIFE Night, high school teens gather in an environment to experience fully the greatest gift we have as a Catholic Church. What attracts teens to LIFE TEEN?
Two things...THE TRUTH and EXPERIENCE. Teaching teens about the truth in line with the theology of the Catholic Church is how the program educates through creative Bible studies, retreats, discussions and personal experiences. Providing powerful liturgies for teens and their families is how the program helps them experience the power and love of Christ in the Eucharist, the Word of God and each other.
The LIFE TEEN Youth Mass Sundays at 6 P.M. LIFE Night is scheduled on Sundays 7 P.M.– 8:30 P.M. in the Parish Hall

Registration form for Religious Education

Calendar 2013-2014 for Religious Education 1st -12th and Sacramental Classes

It is the goal of Our Lady of the Lake to empower our youth and their families to become stronger in their FAITH, so that they can be a voice of HOPE in the CHURCH, thus be committed to transforming their lives and serve the world with the LOVE of Christ. Our Religious Education Program is intended to support parents in the faith development of the children by applying the message of salvation to real-life situations, connecting Liturgy and catechesis and promoting an appreciation for the celebration of the Eucharist.
Children will be able to develop a sense of freedom, selflessness and joyful participation within the community.
Parent involvement is essential to the success of our programs. Your example of participation in their religious education program shows your child that this is important to you.
There are many ways to participate:
Pray: Involvement in their religious education at home is also very important. Reviewing your child’s book, helping your children pray and learn their basic prayers. Praying as a family.
Attending Mass together. Remember religious education does not substitute Mass. Bring your children to Mass every Sunday. This is very important to their spiritual growth.
Volunteer: We always need catechists (teachers) and volunteers for the different activities and gatherings that we have scheduled through out the year.
Religious Education classes are scheduled on Sundays from 10:30 AM– Noon

Religious Education